Getting excited about Neuromarketing

Something that you may not often hear about is neuromarketing and its impact on the marketing industry. Think about it, how often have you looked at an advertisement from a major brand that you follow and you’re just like โ€“ wow that’s awesome! Well, there’s a great possibility that the ad had gone through a number of iterations in the creation process including probably testing it against a few different audiences. Some tests may have a small variance, like swapping out the color red for the color green or maybe even swapping out a male subject for a female or even adjusting the location of where the call to action is.

Currently one of my classes was sharing some articles that dove into the science and reasoning behind why we make some of our decisions. Some of the articles may seem a little lengthy or repetitive. Ultimately the information is valuable and pretty enticing to read. Check them out below and leave your thoughts about Neuromarketing and how you think it affects your decisions.

Neuromarketing: Seven Ways to Sell to the Decision-Making Lizard Brain

4 Neuromarketing Strategies for Highest Content Impact

What Neuromarketing Can Teach Social Media

Try These 3 Neuromarketing Tips (You’ll Be Amazed By the Results)

Neuromarketing: 6 Examples of Brands Using Psychology in Social Media Marketing!

Business Card Design

I came across this little piece while I was digging through some print pieces. These business cards were from my time with Engineering & Computer Simulations, Inc. in Orlando as their Graphic Designer. The card design reflects the new look and feel of the brand refresh that I established while there. The prints were produced through on a heavyweight, laminated stock. Just in time for their 20 year anniversary.

Creative Journey

With every chapter in a person’s life, another page is turned; a stone is flipped, etc. This particular stone is in hopes of laying the foundation and establishing Modern Panda Creative as an identity that will reflect the different aspects of me, my life, and those that surround this Creative Panda’s adventure.

Hello world!

Yes, just as the title says… Hello world! This is where my site makes a fresh start and finds a new beginning. From a simple static website parked at, this Creative Panda will be showing off current and past works on this site using the power of a WordPress engine a simple theme. I welcome any creative input within the comments. No negativity here please. Can’t wait to see how this new site will flourish and grow! Stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚